Residential Solar

Get rid of your bills, reduce your carbon foot print and go solar!

Let's go over a few of the reasons hundreds of thousands of Australians have already invested in their own solar systems and some useful tips to know if you're considering it too!

Did you know?

Aspects to consider on your home

  • Is solar right for you? - This is the first and most important question we ask. We pride ourselves on only helping customers that can actually benefit from a solar solution.

  • What is your roof like? - The pitch (angle) and type (Tin, Tile, Terracotta, etc.) all play a part in the best solution for your particular house.

  • Shading and Sunlight? - Sunlight is how solar works and sometimes your house might get a little bit of shade, or a lot. We always put together a plan for your house based on satellite imagery and certified by a qualified designer to ensure that any potential shading issues are removed, worked around or cancelled out with Optimiser technology on any panels that may get occasional shade.