Not happy with your old system?

Since our start we have welcomed a lot of clients to the family that needed a solution to their old, underproducing or broken systems.

Unfortunately there have been a lot of 'cowboy installers' in the past who put in one size fits all solutions. Let's take a look at some common problems, the causes and the possible solutions to get you back on track.

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Common issues with old or under producing systems:

Issue: Under producing

Possible Cause: Shading, damaged panel(s), wiring issue, inverter firmware error, poor panel positioning, overpromised expectations, water damage, poor install, and so on.

Possible Solution: We can come out to assess the system and advise on the issue and solutions.

Issue: Error messages

Possible Cause: An error of some sort... there can be a multitude of causes between different brands and setup styles.

Possible Solution: Give us a call and we will find the cause of the issue and if we can't fix it on the spot we will give you a plan off attack.

Issue: Pigeons!

Possible Cause: Your neighbours feeding the blasted vermin. This can be an especially bad problem for Tin roofs as the bird droppings are acidic and can rust out the roof and cause considerable damage over a long period.

Possible Solution: Bird proofing can be install around the panels to stop all sorts of vermin getting in. It is important to ensure this is done correct, however. It is extremely important to ensure there is still sufficient air flow under the panels

Issue: Discolouration of panels (Hot Spots)

Possible Cause: Manufacturing fault, poor quality panels, panels have exceeded their intended life span.

Solution: Removing the defunct system and replacing it with a system that has better longevity, a customised design for your particular roof and power needs will ensure better production and savings.

Issue: Hail Damage

Possible Cause: Very, very cold rain.

Possible Solution: Insurance! Depending on your coverage you could have insurance cover the cost of a replacement. (Don't forget to assess your whole roof too!!!)

Either way we can come out, assess the damage to determine if your system is salvageable. If so we can look at options for a replacement that is customised for your current energy usage and lifestyle.