So what's the process?

A lot of new customers want to know how the process works. Let's go through it together.

Have a Chat

The first question is the biggest - Is Solar right for you?

We want to make sure that the system we install will work for you so one of our experts will come out at a time you choose. They will go over things like your power bill, current/expected power usage, rebate eligibility, roof space, shade, etc. to ensure that solar is the right move for you.

Custom Design

Once we know what you need we put together a realistic layout of what a solar system will look like on your house or business and have our accredited designers approve a design that is best optimised for your building based on satellite imagery. This takes into account many factors including; existing items/systems on the roof, shading from trees, direction of the roof faces to gain the best sunlight angle, and so on.

Book it in!

Once we have a bespoke solution we organise your preferred payment options and book it in. We believe that removing your carbon footprint (and your power bills) shouldn’t have to come with an up-front cost if you don’t want it to. So, we’ve instituted Green Loans to give you the option, our experts are happy to talk through this and see what’s best for you.

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Once you’re booked in we come and install the system with our experienced and dedicated teams who are focused on high quality, attention to detail and excellent customer service.

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Welcome to the Brooksies Family!

Now you’re part of the Brooksies Family so we’re happy to chat tomorrow, next week or 5 years from now. And as a family member we also offer family discounts for any electrical work you need around the home, helping a jealous friend who wants solar at their place or installing air-conditioning in your master bedroom now that your power bill is gone!